Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Him-Nae πŸ’ͺ

Salam Alaykum  ❤️

So 2 days ago, I received call from Pusat Bahasa PT, asking for the confirmation date for 2nd interview session. I applied for Admin Assistant (cum Customer Service) last September and I've been there for interview on last Wednesday. I've prepared a lot regarding responsibility of admin assistant, customer services and little bit of my experiences during my internship at UMK but then the interviewer offers me for the post of English Teacher. Like, what? Jeongmal? Even during the interview session, I with no doubt made mistakes while talking to him (because from the moment I enter the room, interviewer tu speaking dari mula sampai habis interview baq hang) and yet he still offers me to be a English Teacher.


He (I forgot to ask for his name, ampun maaf En. Interviewer) said that, I can try even I'm not good in English because it can be a process of learning and as to polish our English also. Lagipun dia cakap English untuk Primary School je pun, kalau untuk Secondary School biasanya dia akan suruh mereka yang ada background Education/Tesl etc. For a moment I thought that yeah why not? Let's give it a try first! Rezeki noks, takkan nak tolak mati-mati tanpa mencuba dulu kan? English iolls pun berkarat sangat dah sekarang ni even back then when I was SPM, I'm one of the students in the target group for A in English. Ridiculous much right? How come this blogger that writes in broken English but once was among the targeted students. That was 8 years ago. Even besi pun boleh berkarat kalau tak dijaga elok-elok, inikan English. Maybe become a English Teacher (walaupun mengajor dak-dak sekolah rendah je pun) can be a medium to improve my English.

"Great things happen to those who don't stop believing, trying, learning and being grateful." - 
Roy T. Bennet (The Light in the Heart)

But, let's not congratulating me for finally getting a job yet because the call that I received was actually to confirm date for mock-teaching. Yup, I need to do the mock teaching first. The interviewer said that, they need to see first either I'm capable to teach or not. Honestly guys, I don't have any experience in teaching. But it's okay coz from this offer (even though I still didn't pass the mock teaching yet), I learnt that never stop trying in whatever you're doing even it's the new thing for you, never be ashamed of yourself and most important is never stop learning!

*playing PD101's Never*

I think that as for mock teaching this Friday, I'll act like I'm doing a presentation lol. So anything, will be update later either I'm pass with the mock teaching or not. Ouh ya, him-nae is something like fighting in Korean Language so yeah, let's fighting Teacher Hani. Eh berangan. Mock teaching pun belum tentu lepas lagi. Hahaha.

Pray for me ya! Till then, Assalamualaikum πŸ’‹
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  1. Wah! great why not try kan? satu peluang yg baik :) goodluck awak!

    1. Betul! Bak kata band Oh Chentaku, biar mati mencuba jangan mati kecewa. Haaa gituh. Hahaha.

      Thanks awak! 😘

  2. do follow blog ni,.. semoga success, mencuba x salah.. yg salah kalau kalah sebelum mencuba, gud luck..

  3. All the best yea! Rezeki sangat tu :)

  4. Good luck! Since I'm in sort of education program, bila time nak buat mock-teaching selalu rasa berdebar. Ajar orang bahasa Jepun tapi bahasa Jepun diri sendiri pun tunggang langgang lol but I somehow survive. So you can do it too!