Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Maru (まる) - The Box Cat

Since I have nothing to do, I'm 'wasting' my time by 'youtube-ing' videos on Youtube. I try to search 'funny cats' and this Funny Crazy Cats video come out. Those cats soooooo funnyyyy & crazyyyy and this fatty cute scottish fold cat on 1:58-3:35 makes me attracted to search more bout this cat. Me was like, "Having fun playing with boxes, uh cat?"

Try to youtube-ing others video then nahhh, I found his official youtube account, mugumogu. Such an adorable cat. Lucky you (Maru's owner) to have a cat like him ! Seriously, I am a cat lovers but how come I don't even know the existence of Maru? Maru, a male scottish fold cat or mostly known for 'Internet celebrity'. His YouTube videos on 2008 has become popular and since April 2013, the videos have been viewed over 200 million times (via - wiki - maru). Celebrity huh, Maru?

I am Maru

Maru and his new friend, Hana

The box cat

Maru, are you more interested in cow?

His anonymous owner has created a blog for this hyper-act cat; 私信. She also published a book and DVD entitled 'I Am Maru' on September 2009 (Japan only) and a further DVD 'Maru Desu' in February a year later. After that she released a second book, 'Motto, Maru Desu' on August 2011 (Japan only). Japanese, buy me this book&DVD, juseyo ^^


For more videos of Maru, subscribe Maru's official YouTube account - mugumogu. For more vid+pictures, visit Maru's official blog - 私信. Sorry for the superrrr duperrrr broken english ^^

-Adios byeyeom, Assalamualaikum-
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