Saturday, 29 June 2013

Beck : Live Action (Japanese Movie)

A movie based on Harold Sakuishi's manga 'Beck', this movie tells about Maho Minami who returns to Japan after studying in New York. Her brother, Ryosuke Minami is an ultra talented guitarist. Then, they started to meet with Koyuki, a fellow young teen. After their first meet, Ryosuke and Koyuki then form a rock band named 'Beck' meanwhile Maho and Koyuki involved in a romantic relationship. 

The band starts to play at live show and gained a lot of popularity and since that, people starts to notice Koyuki's unique voice. They become more popular after releasing their debut CD. Too bad, when they gonna reach on the top, the band have to endures producer's conspiracy and other hardships. Then, Beck receives an offer to play at a rock festival.  A festival gathering for all the best bands. But, Beck need to face with some problems at the rock festival that gonna test their friendships and loyal to the band.

p.s : Malaysia ada Rock dan juga Rock Oo, Jepun ada Beck ! 
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