Monday, 13 June 2016

How To Wear G Shock Watches In Style?

Ssup guys.

Ever heard bout G Shock? Nahhh for sure 110% yes right? So, G-Shockc is a very well-known brand which offers trendy watches for women and men to enjoy. For the ladies who are looking for a new approach to their outfits can definitely purchase G Shock watches. Switch those ordinary watches with a trendy looking one to spice up a new appreance. Well guess that me also need to change my watch since I'm wearing those ordinary watches right now. *whispering mode*.


For those who is little bit picky-type-person or cerewet-type-person, never be worried about the designs since G-Shock offers trendy designs for women to choose from depending on their style. For the ladies who are interested in flaunting the watches from G Shock but have no clue how to wear it with style, ya'lls can check out these looks below;

. Active

If you are a fitness junkie or love working out being active, the G Shock watches are the perfect accessory to wear with your workout clothes. The watches are designed with stopwatch timers and durability which can withstand harsh impacts. This is the best watch to wear while you are burning off those calories. Other than that, the watch definitely gives you that stylish appeal while working out.

Wearing G Shock while working out? Nahhh, now you are the coolest women in the world. Hoho.

. Feminine

If you the one who is girl-girl type, who says you cannot rock the eddy design watches from G-Shock especially with ya girlish outfit? Mix match the watch from G-Shock which you adore with your dresses or skirts and still appear fashionable effortlessly. Look innocent in your feminine look yet still maintain edgy touch flaunting the watches everywhere you go.

Jessica boleh, kenapa tidak anda? Haha

. Sophisticated

Ladies can opt for the black or white G-Shock watch for a more mature yet sophisticated appearance. The monochrome design is suitable for women to match with anything they have on and still look amazing from head-to-toe. *playing Kim Jung Kook's Loveable*. Besides that, the black and white G Shock watch are easy to pull off without ever looking out of place. Pull it together with a trendy smart casual outfit and step out feeling confident as ever. 

Again. Sooyoung pun boleh. Kenapaaalah tidak anda, kan? Haha

Feels like wanna have G Shock on ya watches's collection. Go for a "hunting" at Zalora now! 
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  1. cantik yang warna pink cair tu :)

    1. Haaaa ni mesti geng minat pinky-pinky ni. Haha

  2. cantiknya header tu ! Serious tak tipu !

    1. Headerr apaaa? Haha. *acah buat2 tak tahu*

  3. G-shock.. entah kenapa kita tak minat sangat dengan jam ni.. hehe (sorry) :/

  4. stylo je tgk org pakai.. =) Yg pink tu nice!