Saturday, 16 January 2016

January 16, 2016


Kong: "Once you start caring about Leo, it's game set."

Leo: "What game?"

Kong: "No, as in there's no way out once you fall for Leo."

That's what happen to me now. Like, it's a game set for me since I started to fall and care about Leo. Gyuuu nak letak manaaaa weyyy? Haha. It's okay then, Gyu still no.1 in my bias list. Hoho. Can I have someone like Leo in my life also?

I mean, a man that have look like him (melebih), attitude like him (mungkin ada), voice like him (takkan nak cari penyanyi kot?), man who loves kids like him, loves animals like him or let say semua bendaaalah nak sama macam Leo (ada ke dak?). Haha.

Lepas terjebak dengan Le-Sin-Set, seems like I started to liking someone that have quiet, charm, shy and not talkative personality (just like LEO). Haha.

p.s: fangirl mood is on gais. ON.


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