Monday, 21 December 2015

December 21, 2015



New Starlight in the town yo!

It's funny to know that you are currently in love with a group that you're already know their existing. I mean like, I knew them since Rock Your Body era & Error but I just, just watch their MV and listen to their song and don't even bother to watch other MVs or their reality show. Until recently I was totally into VIXX after watching Weekly Idol episode 227 and now,

Imma one of those starlight gais. Haha.

Talking bout bias? Nahh just give Leo to me. Haha. Well, he's the reason why I began to spazzing and spamming over VIXX. How can a person like him survived among VIXX members? I mean, watch their reality show then you will know how crazy N-omma, Ken-ajuhma, Evil Maknae and other 2 dumb & dumber brothers. Haha.


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