Sunday, 23 August 2015

24 Hours
August 23, 2015

24 Hours

Because all my 24 hours belongs to only you
You can use it as you like
All for you

Well, even 1 second of your 24 hours is fine
If I can keep it to myself,
Maybe makes my day

All my 24 hours will be dedicated to only you
That's not self-satisfaction, right?
Just for you

Even 1 second of your 24 hours is fine
If 2 of us can share it
Then life is so good

-INFINITE, 24時間-


Auch. Masih tak boleh nak move on lagi dari dengar lagu ini. Lirik dia tuuuu. Lirik diaaaa sweet sangat haih. Dah dengar jatuh hati, bila baca lirik lagi la jatuh hati. Soo sweeet gituuu.

Haih. Orang single memang macam ni ye? Baca/dengar lirik lagu yang sweet sawit sikiiiit je pun dah terjatuh hati. Hashtag forever alone. Haha.


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