Hilarious parody of The Heirs from WINNER for this week's episode of WINNER TV.

Kang Seungyoon as Kim Tan

Nam Taehyun as Cha Eun Sang

Song Mino as Choi Young-Do

Kim Jinwoo as Rachel

Lee Seunghoon as 'multi roles' :D

Seungri (Big Bang) cameo as YG 

Mino soooo cool with his role as Young-Do

Lee Seunghoon as Eun Sang's mother

Lee Seunghoon (again) as Chan Young

Lee Seunghoon (agaaaaain) as Madam Han

Winner TV: Winner The Heirs (Ep.8/Eng Sub):

onewomansubs (Fansubs/Hard-subbed)
Mnet (Official/Soft-subbed)

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