Sunday, 2 February 2014


Hilarious parody of The Heirs from WINNER for this week's episode of WINNER TV.

Kang Seungyoon as Kim Tan

Nam Taehyun as Cha Eun Sang

Song Mino as Choi Young-Do

Kim Jinwoo as Rachel

Lee Seunghoon as 'multi roles' :D

Seungri (Big Bang) cameo as YG 

Mino soooo cool with his role as Young-Do

Lee Seunghoon as Eun Sang's mother

Lee Seunghoon (again) as Chan Young

Lee Seunghoon (agaaaaain) as Madam Han

Winner TV: Winner The Heirs (Ep.8/Eng Sub):

onewomansubs (Fansubs/Hard-subbed)
Mnet (Official/Soft-subbed)
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