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GOT7 is JYPE's new boy group consists of 7 members; JB (Leader), Mark, Jackson, JR, BamBam and Yugyeom. Two members of GOT7; JB & JR were the first to debut under a group named; "JJ Project". JB & JR also became one of main casts in Dream High (2). GOT7 officially released their debut MV; Girls Girls Girls on January 14, 2014 and released their first mini album; Got It? on January 20, 2014.

GOT7 is JYPE's first hip hop group and they'll be a performance team speacilizing in 'martial arts tricking', which is a form of martial arts with acrobatics. Although acrobatics and the word 'performance team' may bring 2PM to mind, the agency mentions that GOT7 will be showcasing different types of performance with kicks and turns derived from martial arts with a fusion of b-boying style. (wiki GOT7).

Debut MV;

Members profile

Stage name : JB
Real name : Im Jae Bum
Nationality : South Korea
Birthdate : January 6, 1994
Position : Leader, Lead Vocalist
Height / Weight : 179cm / 66kg


Stage name : Mark
Real name : Mark Yi-En Tuan
Nationality : United States (USA)
Birthdate : September 4, 1993
Position : Main Rapper, Main Dancer
Height / Weight : 175cm / 59kg


Stage name : Jackson
Real name : Jackson Wang
Nationality : Hong Kong
Birthdate : March 28, 1994
Position : Lead Rapper, Main Dancer
Height / Weight : 174cm / 63kg


Stage name : JR.
Real name : Park Jinyoung
Nationality : South Korea
Birthdate : September 22, 1994
Position : Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Height / Weight : 178cm / 63kg


Stage name : Youngjae
Real name : Choi Youngjae
Nationality : South Korea
Birthdate : September 17, 1996
Position : Main Vocalist
Height / Weight : 175cm / 59kg


Stage name : BamBam
Real name : Kunpimook Bhuwakul
Nationality : Thailand
Birthdate : May 2, 1997
Position : Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper
Height / Weight : 170cm / 52kg


Stage name : Yugyeom
Real name : Kim Yugyeom
Nationality : South Korea
Birthdate : November 17, 1997
Position : Lead Dancer, Maknae
Height / Weight : 180cm / 64kg







Got It? Track List;

01 여보세요 (Hello)
02 Girls Girls Girls
03 난 니가 좋아 (I Like You)
04 따라와 (Follow Me)
05 Like Oh
06 Playground

For more updates, news, or info, you can visit;

GOT Official FB
GOT7 Official Twitter
GOT7 Official Fan Cafe
GOT7 Official Homepage

My bias? Hahaha. Guess who? /drum roll/ The wild & sexy; Jackson ! Thanks JYP sebab dah rosakkan list bias-bias ku. ^^ Ok, enough. Till then, bye !

Gin & Juice


Full Album Download Link: k2nblog [Got It? 1st Mini Album]
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